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Now, I am sure you are wondering what baseball has to do with this blog and life, for that matter. We are a baseball family with all three of our sons playing at every level from t-ball, to coach pitch to select to college ball. Plus, baseball season is upon us as we enter spring. I love to watch baseball, especially when one of our boys is playing. Not so much on TV. Life and baseball are very similar in many ways. Sometimes, we have different roles we play from being the batter (the one who is in the spotlight); to being the pitcher (the one who is getting his job done); to playing another position on the field, including being a coach. You need all of the positions to be filled in order to play the game. There are rules and equipment that is needed and it is most fun when people are watching. Sometimes, you can feel all kinds of confidence when you are playing 3rd base, playing out what you are going to do with the ball when it gets hit your way. Then, all of a sudden, a hard-hit ground ball comes your way and you fumble it and the batter is safe at first. Moments before, you were ready to go and blew it. Maybe you are the batter, and are ready to swing for the fences, thinking you have to hit a home run so it will be memorable because you are down by 4 runs, it is the bottom of the 9th, with 2 outs and the bases are loaded. Here is your chance to be the hero. No pressure, right? Nothing like having all of the above and having a full count as well. You know the next pinch can be that ONE pitch that people remember forever. Here it comes…looks like it can be something you hit…and you whiff with a strikeout as everyone (on your team) lets out the breath they had ben holding. Game over. Who hasn’t been there? Feeling like you messed up so royally that no one will ever be able to forgive you. How about when you are on the 1st base side as a coach? When a runner needs to hear, “Good job!” or “Way to go!” and then we can also give out advice. Life is so much life baseball. At a moments notice, the game can change at the swing of a bat, at an awesome throw from centerfield as a runner tries to score, with a diving, giving it your all, dive to either side with a great grab. No inning is ever the same and you have to be ready for the next pitch, so wasting time worrying and remembering what happened on the previous play does you no good. You have to play in the now – when you are completely, and ultimately, here. Life is about so much and we need to come ready to play…all the time.

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