Childhood came today

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Today, Rocky and I went to run, but ended up talking and walking. We get different things when we are together in the morning. When we run, we get into shape and work on getting to be where we want to by physically. On our walks and talks, we learn more about each other and laugh and share life’s trials and goofy stories and happenings. Our walk today started a little later than normal and it was a nice change to see the sun come up instead of always being “in the dark”. As we approach a neighborhood park, she says, “Do you know how long it has been since I have been on a swing?” So, I said, “Let’s go” and we got on the swings. I am sure that if anyone was watching these two 40-year-old ladies get on the park swings, they must have thought it was quite funny. And then we talk and swing and talk and swing. Like we were 7 or 8 years old. Funny thing is that we did not know each other than, but it was like we went back to that time. Like we would have been friends even then, and it would have seemed normal. A time when life was simple and there were no worries, no responsibilities, just in the moment of life, whatever that would bring you. As we moved our legs back and forth and as we went higher in the air, I slightly laughed to myself as how we got there. After we got off, we decided that the seats were not very comfortable and might not be built for mature people like us. Maybe the seats are for 7 and 8 year olds. It was a special moment, and one that I will never forget. For a few minutes, it was like two little girls were doing what we would have done had we met many years ago. Talking, laughing, and swinging on park swings…like 7 years old girls do. Thanks, Rock, for taking us back to a much simpler time…if even for a few minutes.

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