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Because I believe that there are reasons for everything (and hence everything has a reason), events occur and people come into (and out of) our lives for a specific purpose. Sometimes, good things happen when we least expect them. Other times, we are reminded of what is important when bad things happen. As I am still finding my passion and finding ways to explore it on a bigger scale every day, I actually find it easier to share with others than I did before. Still, very few know where I am going, but I appreciate those around me that are encouraging and supportive. Today, I am viewing something that happened as a possible sign and share that with a friend at lunch. We are both unsure of what it means, but I threw the question out there any way. I tell her that I don’t think I am ready. I also visit with someone else later today and she learns more about what I want to do in that conversation. But let me ask you this…if I wait until I am really ready, then couldn’t I potentially wait a lifetime? I already feel like I have done that. I went to lunch with a co-worker yesterday and she told me that her passion is interior design, but because of her past, she never pursued it. Her belief that it is too late to follow her heart made me very sad. I cannot believe that it is ever too late to follow our heart or follow our dreams. Don’t we have to take advantage of the opportunities and be willing to take the chances in life in order to make it better? Walt Disney said, “It began with a dream and a mouse. Look at what the word “Disney” says to the world. My questions do not revolve around whether or not my dream will be successful (although knowing that ahead of time would be helpful); they are more related to: When is the right time? What steps should I take first to pursue it? Who can help me? Is it something that I do on the side or jump right in? I don’t know the answer to any of those yet. However, rest assured that I am watching, listening, and taking note of all of that is presenting itself to me so that when the signs come my way, I don’t miss them. I just have to have the courage to act on them.

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