Just off somehow

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I was visiting with a co-worker today who mentioned that she was not “fit to be around people” because she just is not sure what is wrong. She told me last week that she thought her skin looked a different color and just did not feel like herself. Today, she tells me that she feels like her fuse is pretty short with her co-workers and she cannot identify why. I asked her what she is carrying that she does not need to and even though I think she would tell me, she seemed in a hurry and perhaps did not feel like she wanted to get into it all at that moment. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help and she said no, but I wanted her to know that I was here if needed. We all have days like that where we just are not ourselves, but don’t know why and sometimes don’t know how to fix it. Just like a cold – sometimes we have to let it run its course. As long as we accept that we all have days like that, then we still feel like we are in the same boat. And because we can always be in this boat at one time or another, we need to recognize that we see others we care about that may need a little friendly smile. Take time to let others know you care and even if they refuse, you have opened the door, if ever so slight, for a future opportunity to help maybe when it is needed more. Be looking out for others around you who may be “just off somehow.” It may be easier to see than you think. Have a wonderful night!

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