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I remember that was a huge lesson for me at my first job working at the grocery store in California. This time of year, it becomes something we lose very quickly or we don’t carry with us at all. People are hurrying from one event to another, checking their list (twice), and even dreading certain duties. I know we all lose our patience, but I have been trying to make sure I keep it in check. One lady was driving behind me and I thought she was going to try to get inside me trunk, she was that close. I can’t recall a time when losing your patience got me something good. Usually, I felt horrible afterwards. People will apologize because it is the right thing to do, but do the really mean it? It is difficult to wait. And not just to wait, but to wait happily. Without anger. Without hard feelings. Without thinking of ourselves. When we allow someone to go ahead of us in the line at the grocery store. When we forgive the wait at the doctor’s office. When we let someone pass us on the road because they seem to be in a much bigger hurry than we are. Patience starts when we quiet our hearts and just allow time to pass, even though we cannot hurry it along. It will come in its due time. You know the old saying, “Patience is a virtue.” Not the only one, but a good one to have. Develop patience today. It will soften your heart and allow us to move along in our crazy world.

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