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Ok, so Friday’s have been traditionally the day I take off from running and this week I have been forced to be on the elliptical because it has been like 15 degrees at 5am. Rocky is pretty much done running with me for the winter, but will also take it on a day by day basis. Today, I did not get on the elliptical and it was a crazy, busy day at work. Nothing bad or extraordinary happened, just a busy time in our office. I came home and told my husband, I am going for a run. And you know what??? I LOVED IT!!! I don’t think I can go til March without running! NO WAY! I think I may have to still squeeze in a run or two a couple of times a week when I can. Even if it as 2pm in the afternoon on the weekends. There will be no way that I go so long without running. Here is the OMG part – I never thought I would miss running and it has only been a week. A few days ago, I subscribed to a couple of online running magazines. I am totally hooked on this running thing. This is the lesson I learned tonight – I will have to adapt to make this thing still work. I was in a mode of doing my running at 5am every morning and had conditioned myself to stick with that routine. I felt so much better after my run. I did not even feel like I was dreading it or working hard. Just doing my thing and loving every minute of it. I sit here and shake my head, almost in disbelief thinking that it all started with Rock asking me what I would change about my life. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy. Even if you have to adapt…even if it is different…even if it is not the norm. Handle adversity with strength and belief that you will be better for it. Let’s just say even with winter just getting here, I cannot wait until warmer weather gets here only so I can run!!!

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