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My mojo has been off this week and the only explanation I can come up with is that I have not been able to run. The Nebraska winter might make me more crazy than I already am if I am not able to run outside. I have been on the elliptical every day, but it is not the same. Call me crazy – oh, wait, I already did that. 🙂 Here is the thing, every day I am doing something that takes me closer to pursuing my dream. I have identified what makes my heart soar (my passion) and am using that to guide me towards my dream (putting my passion into action). I worked on some of it this week and will continue to do so until I am ready to strategize and accomplish certain tasks so that my dream can be fulfilled. I even saw an advertisement for something that I had not thought of, but peaked my interest because it was something that I have thought about but did not know I could do it. Totally cool. Today, I am going to lunch with a co-worker who asked me about the “new” Michelle. I told her it may take longer than our alloted hour so we may have to do lunch again. I asked you a couple of weeks ago to look at your dreams and urged you to get closer to them. What have you done for them lately? I recently found out that two people I know have cancer and it is not looking very good for either one of them. I was very humbled by their situations because just prior to that I was trying to figure out what I can wear on our trip to Mexico in two weeks (since I have lost weight since this summer – good thing). Life is too short and no one has any guarantees. When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, take a chance. If you won’t give yourself a chance, why would anyone else? Don’t look to others for a reason to do something or not to do something. You get so much more when you “Follow Your Heart” – I know I am committed to living my life that way, every day. Remember, It Starts Today.

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