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What are we waiting for? We have to be willing to do something NOW! I have said from the get go that it starts today, and there is a saying that says, “There is no time like the present.” What about now? Right now? Not a little but later in the day, or the ever given, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Now. People think it has to be something HUGE that needs to take place before anything changes. It doesn’t work that way. It takes 15 minutes…one step…one hug…it can happen today. Believe that everything you say, do, and believe matters. It affects what happens next and can influence others to do the same. Today, SM reminded me that she “loves my MOXIE” – and it is people like her that makes me reminiscent of why I am here. What my purpose is, what my focus is, and what comes next to me. We talk a lot about putting our hands up and riding the rollercoaster ride…all the way through the ups and downs, the turns and twists around hidden corners, the slow-motion times to the fast-lane events. We have to take it all – we cannot just pick to have only the good. Gotta have it all. A&E.; Act now. Say now. Believe now. Dream now. Embrace now. This life is something we need to take full advantage of and we have to do it now. Don’t ever live with regrets, because what we usually regret is what we didn’t do. We ran out of time…we couldn’t find the courage…we hesitated. As I would say to my sons when I call them or ask them to do something…”Now means now.” Just saying.

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