Best things in life are magical

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On Tuesday, the word “magic” was also used in a text when I asked Rock how she scored some Fun Dip, when I couldn’t. I thought it was ironic that I had not really ever used the word “magic” recently in everyday life. But I never really thought about those special moments before last night when it was mentioned in a play we attended. And since I had no pen and paper, I had to try to remind myself to remember to post about it later. Yes, as soon as I could turn my phone back on, I was sending myself an email to do just that. There are those special moments that are just magical. Where we are overcome with emotion and will always remember who we were with or how we felt. I love to hear laughter that is not superficial, but truly shared and given. There is one guy I know that I could never lose at Disneyland because his laugh would give him away. I love it. I love to hear my sisters’ stories about crazy things that happen – and the “heehee” that comes after that totally cracks me up. Ok, kitty…we need to have an app that will allow us to record sounds/voices that we can send in a text. Because just typing the words do not really carry the same meaning or really convey the same meaning. What are the things that happen to you that are magical? Are the simple things we all take for granted on that list? Why not? Are you looking for magic in your life? It really isn’t that hard, people. Magic is everywhere…but we have to see it. We don’t need to know how it works or what is behind it. We just need to remember how we feel when it happens because the feelings alone jog our memory to those uncomplicated moments that we absolutely treasure. That make us forget about the difficulties and trying times that we know will always be there. Find the magic in your life. One of my hobbies is scrapbooking, but I do not always have time for it, but need to make more time. But those pictures remind me of those magical time when my boys were younger, when Mike and I got married, or other special moments with friends and family. Magic is everywhere. It is where we don’t think it is because we might think it needs to be some grand event. It can be a walk around a lake that results in a name for a dream come true. It can be a smile from someone you have not seen in a really long time. Or it can even be a quick text from a son away at college. Don’t just look for magic to happen to you. Make it happen in other people’s lives, too. You don’t need a top hat or a secret mirrored box. You create magic when you do something for someone just because you can. You will then see magic everywhere and know you had a hand in it. I promise.

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