New contact from outside my circle

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Today, I checked my email account associated to this blog. I do not check it very often, and noticed that it is usually a couple of weeks between messages in my inbox. No one that I know really uses it except me and that is mostly to keep these thing separate from our normal home email. I found an email from an author named Betsy Thompson from California. She tells me that she found my blog and noticed that I mention my favorite books and songs. She offers to send me her latest book and asks that I review it on my blog. The fact that she offered to send me her book (freely, I might add) was not what surprised me most. It opened much more. Up until this point, I know of a handful of people who might know that this blog exists and maybe even half of those have actually read it a time or two. That is just fine with me. I created this blog as a way for me to share a little of myself and hopefully encourage all of you (all 10 of you) to keep “following your heart.” Yes, I realize that I have the blog posted so the entire world could see it if they wanted to. My surprise came when someone outside my circle not only found it and acknowledged it. The asking of me to read a book and give my two cents was the icing on the cake. I mean…who am I? A 42-year-old woman, trying to figure out what she is doing with her life and how to enjoy this journey I am on. I am not going to analyze this new door or try to figure out where it leads. I guess I will see when I get there. Trying to make sense of this all just makes my head hurt anyway.

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