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I have to believe that there are some situations where it is never too late. I tell people to never give up and you only believe to never give up if you also believe first that it is not too late. There is one situation that I am dealing with now that I tell myself every day that it’s never too late. I have to believe that and will always believe that until I am told otherwise. When I am told that I can never fix it, that I can never be forgiven, that it can never go back to the way it was before. Those words may never be said, but every day I live as if the wrong I did never happened, but still try to make it up inside my heart. That is the hardest part of all. Is it ever too late? I believe it is only too late when we start living with regrets or have passed on from this world. I have not been very good about exercising this holiday weekend and at this time of year, people make resolutions that usually include eating better, exercising more, giving more, etc. You know…the list goes on with slightly different words, but the intent is the same. You know it and I know it. Then, what happens if we miss a day here or there…we give up and say it’s too late. Why do we give up so easily? Because you miss one day, that doesn’t mean you throw the other 364 days out too! It just means you missed one day. That’s it. One day. It’s still not too late. I never thought I would have the body I do now, and even Rocky didn’t think I would become what I have because of that one day at lunch in April of 2010. I know I surprised myself as much as I surprised her. This year, I will again focus again on staying fit in a couple of different ways and look forward to the challenges that I expect to encounter along the way. I want to define myself in ways that will bring joy to this world and am not willing to concede that it’s too late. For any of us. Don’t ever believe that either.

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