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Is there a word that would describe you? I think at any given moment, we have a feeling that would describe us. Maybe not the only word, but one that just pops into our head. Usually, we can find an emotion that will describe how we feel during a particular event. Also, we would all associate that same feeling with a similar type event had we been experiencing it as well. So, as you read this, what is your word? For me, sometimes it is difficult to pick just one. Right now, I think it would be determined. I have made new and exciting things happen to me over the last two years and I am determined to see all of that new knowledge be used to make me and my life better. Perhaps in doing so, it allows others to do the same. I never know where this road will take me and I have to allow the heart to lead. My word will change probably in ten minutes, but right now, I am focused on the tasks yet before me that include something very new and exciting that I will begin this weekend. Believe me, I couldn’t understand why this new idea came to me when it did and I had to share with a few people who also became excited with me. Every once in a while we get so caught up in the daily grind of work, family, responsibilities, life, etc that we forget to stop and think for one second. Sometimes I don’t even get 30 seconds, so I need to make that time. It has to be important to me to know that not doing so doesn’t make me more efficient, it makes me less efficient. I am better when I have many things in the fire, but spend a great deal of time tackling each one with great attention, all the time knowing that I gave that task my utmost attention and I didn’t do it half-way. I gave it my all. What is your word? Remember, it will change.

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