Never know how far

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Do you know? No, no one really knows how far they can go until they get there. And even then, that doesn’t mean that that is the farthest you can go, does it? I don’t think it does. I think we can always do more, even if we never make it to more. We have to try to keep trying. I remember feeling so frustrated when I had tried to lose weight before that watching my husband drop pounds every day made we want to give up. I was a different person then. I used to put limits on what I could do because I never thought or believed that I could do more. When the road came to an end, then I was done. But now, if I came to a road that came to an end, I would just go off-roading. It might be a little bumpy and put some wear and tear on me but I wouldn’t be stuck. There are so many people out there that have other difficulties that I could never imagine and just flourish. I was totally inspired by Kyle Maynard’s story and that is what drove me to run on the days that Rocky wasn’t there. He still inspires me. What inspires you? I sometimes think I have to-day planned out on what will happen, as it routinely does, and then something exciting happens. Yesterday, I had two young people stop by my office and show me their brand new two-week old son. After they left, I realized that, again, they didn’t have to stop by they CHOSE to stop by because of something I said to them or the kindness I showed them. You just never know. But you have to start something new and keep going. Never give up. Always give your all. Be there. You just never now how far you can take your life.

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