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Do you believe in destiny? In fate? Why? Why not? Do you believe that your destiny has led you to where you are, right at this moment? I believe I have lived and continue to live the life I was destined to live. There have been many times that if you would’ve asked me to pick another life, I might have taken you up on that offer. But then, I wouldn’t be me. I did not realize that everything that was a part of my past would teach me how to get to here. Yes, it would’ve been nice if someone would have told me, “I know this stinks right now, but later on, it will be one of your greatest assets.” I did not used to believe in destiny or fate. In fact, I would guess that I did not believe too much in anything. I don’t think I was “sold” on being in this life. I was just here. Hanging out. No big thing. But then, things started happening that I could not explain and people came into my life that I did not expect. I will never forget the words that I said to a friend what started it all — “Maybe we are ready to receive it now.” That must have been someone’s cue to get me to see, think, and feel like never before and it hasn’t stopped since. Your destiny has been predetermined for you and you may not know where it will lead you yet, but it will come. You will not be ready for it and it will not be what you would expect it to look like, but I know one thing for sure. Once you accept it, it will totally transform you. It will become everything you believe and will define what people believe about you because you believe in it. This is what I was meant to do. To share inspirational thoughts that come and go from my head (at all hours of the day) with you. To write elsewhere and to someday, maybe write a book. To speak to others about what changes they can make about their lives. To reach out to women in the G.I.F.T. and encourage them to take one step. To open up my heart and give it to others to hold on to and treasure as much as I treasure theirs. When I think about everything I have just typed, I cannot help but almost feel overwhelmed and comforted at the same time. Overwhelmed because the task seems so big and there is so much I do not know. Yet comforted in knowing that somehow it will take care of itself. This is my destiny.

Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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