NEVER apologize for talent!

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I heard this said last night in a play I took my mom to celebrate her birthday. I didn’t have a pen with me, so every so often I would try to remind myself of this so I would remember it so I could tell you about it now. NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR TALENT! I used to do that all the time. I still struggle with attention (of any kind) that I receive because of something that I do well. We all have talents. We all have different talents from each other and some are the same or similar. I do not like to even point out if I am good at something and will deflect any way I can. But here goes. Not anymore. This…here, today…is one of my talents. I can write. Maybe, some days. Oh, wait. I am not allowed to say that. Moving on…something brings you all here however often you come and whatever you get from my sharing life with you. I told someone once that I love being able to “plant the seed and walk away”. That is what I do here. I get you to think about a different way of thinking and maybe encourage you to change your life. For the good forever. I also have a talent for talking (I tell my husband that the gift of gab is a true gift) to people and it has been mentioned to me that when I get into the “mode”, it is neat to see. Told you before, never seen it, but I guess it happens. Here is the absolute best part about when you can identify and use your talents…you don’t have to think about them. They just happen, naturally. They are who you are and define where your passions are. I also have learned where my talents are NOT. I am learning how to be better in those areas that I struggle in and seek out those people that have strengths there. I have to let them help me. I cannot do it alone. God knows I have tried. I have not failed in doing so, but can do so much more with knowledgeable people by my side. Where do your talents lie? Do you use them? Do you want to use them? How do we get you to harness the energy that is behind those talents and get you moving towards changing your future? I used to feel awkward and silly when I would receive a compliment about playing well in one of my games, or getting good grades, or being told that I can show others the “light.” I didn’t believe it. Yesterday, I was asked to make a list of those women that I have somehow touched and influenced, even if I didn’t think I did. I thought the list would be short – I guessed that I could count those people on one hand, maybe two. Right now, that list stands at over two dozen. This blog is read by people in 28 different countries. It started with a few close

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friends knowing how to get here. One of my talents is to write. Thank you for letting me share my talent with you!


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