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A couple of weeks ago, I was telling the boys about a game show that we had growing up (nothing like 1970’s TV, right?) called “Name That Tune.”  I explained the premise of the show that clues would be given to the contestants and they bartered against one another to see who could “name that tune” with the least amount of notes.  When needed, more clues were given until one contestant finally told the other to “name that tune.’  I was most amazed when a contestant would correctly identify the tune by a mere note played on a piano.  Even more astonishing was the greatest win when someone could “name that tune” with no notes.  In addition to this post being an answer to a trivia question that might someday be useful, where am I going with this?  Life has many “tunes” to it.  Some need more sound than others, while others are barely heard above a whisper.  At times, we know the answer before the question is even asked, and other times, we need a few hints.  It would be easier if life came with instructions or maybe more ideas about how things will turn out and what decisions we shouldn’t make.  Choices are easier when we have the most information available.  But what happens when we are lacking information?  Is a guess just as good as an informed decision, but better than doing nothing?  The music of life can energize us  — it can get us jumping on our feet and clapping our hands.  Some hymns are more solemn and remind us to be more grateful, more forgiving, and more emotional.  Many harmonies will attach themselves to a place, a thing, or more importantly a person.  Rap and rhyme can make us laugh at the funny things that are never planned in life and watching it unfold is the only way to hear it.  Are you listening?  Can you name that tune?  The real symphony is when life all comes together and it makes the most beautiful music ever heard.  It just works.  Almost without explanation or understanding.  It just does.  It transports us to a feeling of being connected — even momentarily with complete strangers — that are never truly gone.  You see, the tune remains.  I know that I would like a status update that will help me “name every tune” or just a quick tweet that will point me in the right direction every once and again.  It is not much to ask. Since I have no emcee standing next to me with cards to read from to help make decisions and choose, I am left to try to do the best I can with what I know and believe to be right.  I may be wrong at times, but a guess is better than no guess.  Listen to what life is playing for you…you may not hear it all the time and it may not sound like you remember.  The lyrics may not be even what they sound like, but you will know what YOUR tune sounds like.  And that is the only tune you need to name.  Listen…“Listen with your heart” from “Pocahontas”  

Michelle A. Homme 2014 ©

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