Building something from nothing

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There are a few things that get me UBER-excited and building something from nothing is one of them!  I LOVE to watch things grow and know that I had in that makes it even better.  This time of year, people are planting.  They are planting vegetable gardens, new flowers, or creating a landscaping masterpiece.  This time of year is for the doers.  When they take something that was nothing and end up with a new bathroom or a refurbished piece of furniture.  Personally, I always plant a vegetable garden so that I can make the best salsa in the world.  It is different because it has olives in it, but everyone that tries it, LOVES it.  Most of my plants are perennials (for a reason) but I add to them from time to time with a new addition to the bunch.  I don’t sit still for very long so today, I landscaped three areas in our front yard.  And as I took a quick moment to admire what I had done, I felt this sense of accomplishment.  I did this on my own, without a plan or a lot of talk.  I just got in there.  What do you want to build?  It could be a model car or airplane?  It could be to make some stepping-stones.  How do we build something from nothing?  Some of us resort to that black hole (otherwise known as Pinterest) to find the ideas.  I mean, no point in creating the wheel if we don’t have to, right?  Growing up in a Victorian house that was built in the very early 1900’s, I always saw how much potential that was hidden behind the many layers of paint on the wood, how the screened in porch on the 2nd story could be a livable area, and how awesome a desk that wrapped around the entire back of the house would enhance the beauty of a house that was very “grand” in its day.  Do you get excited when you see a blank canvas?  Or do you sit around wondering what to do with it?  Are you intimidated by the lack of lines and colors choices made available to you?  Or would you rather let your mind wander and create?  Some of you may not even realize just how much we create every day…how many of you cook a meal when you take some ingredients and when put together “just right”, your family just raves about the food they are eating?  How many of you have been a part of a child’s life and as they get older, you can bet that your influence had an impact on them? How many of you scrapbook, write, or take pictures? Chances are, we are ALL creators and we just never thought we were.  Some of us do different things with what we  invent and it may differ from day-to-day.  Some days, I can write forever.  Other days, I struggle.  But when you get that itch to discover what you can do, don’t you feel that UBER-excitement?  When just the idea is going to stir something that you can’t hide?  What gets you excited?  Are you a painter, a musician, or a seamstress?  Do you quilt, draw, or sing?  We can do some great things when we find those things that love to do.  In the things that we love to do, it feeds something in me and I know what I need… “I Need An Energy” by Greg Holden

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