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How was your holiday weekend? Mostly speaking, this one was for the books, but great times were had with pictures, hugs, laughs, and even a few fireworks thrown in. With the hustle and bustle of every day life, remember to have fun and make memories. Not just for you, but for those that you love most. Saturday night, my husband and I went to a retirement party for Rocky. No, she is not hanging up her running shoes, but she is beginning a new adventure and it was a HUGE success. Great food, a band, fireworks, and wonderful people made the night amazing and one that we will remember. Forever. Last night, my husband grilled ribs and shrimp as we watched out boys play wiffle ball in the front yard, just like when they were younger. They also played a little hoop in between setting off their wares from the fireworks stands. I brought out the camera and tried to capture those memories that might be long forgotten had I not hold onto it for just a moment. Like is so quickly passing us by that every moment, every smile, every post will trigger a memory in someone, somewhere. What are you doing in your life that you are proud of and want your family to remember about you? That your house was always clean? No, thanks. That you raised good kids? That you found something that made you happy, even against the odds, did it anyway? My wish for you is that you start taking your today and make your tomorrow part of the memories you will treasure forever. We never know if we have tomorrows but we have today…right now…and regardless of what it brings, you will always have memories. Treasure them. Keep them close. Smile about them and share them with others.

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