I give up

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No, no, no…not what you are thinking. Yesterday, I really, FINALLY, let go of something that I think I still didn’t believe. I was wasting time and energy on trying to accomplish something that I really was not going to succeed at anyway. I told a dear mom Saturday night at what I kept trying to do, but she was very grateful that I had not succeeded. Everyone knows how much I love a challenge, but she also knew what I was up against. Her heart was in it for the long hall, too, as she gave me another hug. Monday, another comment comes my way that takes me by surprise and reassurances abound where doubt and self-sabotage had taken over. Yesterday, I gave up trying to fight against something I didn’t want anyway. I know, I know…I tell you to never give up. But this is a good surrender. Once I did, my day just went awesome. I took care of some ideas that I am trying to move forward so that they become reality and do not continue to live in my head. What are you holding on to that you need to give up? Something that does more damage than good? Someone that is more harmful and helpful? Take a good look around – I am sure you can find something or someone that you need to give up. Do not get me wrong – do the good fight for the good things, but do not be willing to surrender what you love because it is easy. I am done questioning and believe what is in front of me. No prejudging, no shaking my head in disbelief. Accept and surrender to what is there in front of me, right now. Give it my everything, “all in”, and let me be me. I give up. Now, I have one less thing to worry about and put my energy into so that I can really focus on what needs to be done…what drives me in a way I never thought anything ever would. Get rid of things in your life (thoughts, people, tasks) that weigh you down. They get heavy and you need to devote more time into those things that boost you up. There is never a shortage of anchors lying around, but people certainly get excited when they see a hot air balloon, don’t they? Be a hot air balloon today. People will notice…just watch. SOAR!!!!!

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