Making mistakes

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Who hasn’t made any in their lifetime?  Pretty sure that no hands went up when I asked that question.  It happens…to the best of us.  It means we are humans, not robots.  Hopefully, we don’t make them with the intentions of hurting someone else — chances are, it happens even though we didn’t mean to hurt that person.  What is the best thing to do after we hurt someone?  Apologize.  Immediately.  Sometime ago, I posted about forgiveness and second chances.  Once you apologize, your job is done.  The rest is up to the person that (hopefully) forgives you in their own time.  The waiting is what will feel like it kills you.  There are some mistakes that cannot be undone — no words or actions can reverse what is now before us.  I am not one to “duck” my responsibilities and will apologize, even when it terrifies me to do so.  I may even say somethings I regret later, not knowing how it will be received, but I have to say what I feel.  Yesterday, I had a nice surprise from someone who I had not seen in a while and as quickly as she “ran” past my office, I was very glad to get a smile from her.  You see, I thought I had lost her as a friend and although I apologized to her, I was given a very different message and had written it off as over.  Part of me still feels that way, but the smile yesterday gave me hope that perhaps it is just delayed.  We all make mistakes and I have tried to be as upfront when apologizing for them and acknowledging them as my responsibility.  I do not pass them off to anyone else to take the blame for and something recently that I thought would be funny backfired on me.  Has that ever happened to you?  We make mistakes.  Learn from them.  Remember what is important and if you truly still need to hold on, then forgive those that hurt you.  I am sorry.

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