Make sure your life is a not trend and be defiant against that window display!

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I have a confession to make.  One that is not very difficult, but one that must be made before I proceed.  I don’t know anything about fashion, what is or is not in style, and what is a “good” look.  I struggle to dress myself some mornings.  Most of my wardrobe consists of sweat pants and t-shirts.  I have more sneakers than “dress up” shoes and my sense of color usually requires adding some hue to anything black.  It is what I know and am most comfortable with, but on occasion, I can mix it up a bit.  And it can be fun to step outside your “comfort zone” on occasion and watch others  smile in astonishment.  In fact, the only reason I receive the latest copy of “Cosmopolitan” is because I can use my recycling rewards points for the subscription; however, following their advice for accenting outfits using the color “yellow” might stay within the pages of the magazine.

Wearing heels is not my version of a “good” time.


Why tell you this?

Because if you were looking for latest fad when it comes to wearing the cutting edge fashion of wearing heels with skinny jeans, you need to look elsewhere.  You won’t find that information here.  Not my thing.

However, if you want more out of life because you are tired of being practical, then read on!

How many of us have ever dressed up and waited for the right moment to show off a little? When we are showing our moxie and are ready to rock the red carpet? Most of us.   Now, I am not one to overly seek attention (in fact, I shy away from it when at all possible), but sometimes, I like to do the unexpected.  But in every day life, we get accustomed to the norm.  We wear the same thing, think the same thing, and never deviate from our pattern.  In fact, we become such creatures of habit, that we lose track of who we are, where are going, and what we will do when we get there.

We have no real sense of direction.

 We wander aimlessly.

We lack purpose.

And before we know it, we come to the conclusion that we are not living the life we want.  The emptiness we feel is a harsh reminder of what aches when we put our head to the pillow every night and as we rise the next morning, we are not awakened feeling refreshed.  Instead, we are saddened by the burden of the day.  With no end in sight.

Trends come and go.  Fashion is either in or out.  But life is always present.  It never fades or needs the perfect accessory to complete it.  It is a constant surprise to what may change everything.  That is what matters most.

Wildness is a gift!

Stop trying to figure out a way in and start being who you really are!  People are bored by the same old thing and variety, newness, and the rare is what grabs their attention.  It makes them pay attention.  It forces them to find the differences instead of blending into the same old thing.  Your life should not be something that people just walk by.  They should stop and stare.  And your life should inspire them in ways words never can.

And when we start living our true life, we begin to shine in ways never imagined and difficult to describe.  We captivate our audience with thoughts they never gave themselves permission to have and when they find the courage, they act on them.  And then they walk a little taller and appreciate the best things in life like never before.

Got outside your comfort zone.  Stop pretending that it doesn’t matter.  You and I have one life. And the only question is whether or not you are going to stand in the window, letting life pass you by or if you are going to make something of it.  Make it worth while. Stand out.

It Starts Today!

Michelle A. Homme 2015

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