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Ever done that?  When you left a note on someone’s desk to wish them “good luck” as they get ready for an upcoming marathon? Or maybe sent a card in the mail, just to say “hi”? Or maybe your action requires a little more thought, but costs you nothing?  Yesterday, it was raining and a co-worker was heading out to lunch — with her umbrella still in her car.  When another co-worker noticed this, she graciously gave her umbrella to the other co-worker to use so she did not get wet.  These two co-workers work in different buildings, but wave to each other.  In fact, until yesterday, they did not even know each other’s name.  But the giver of the umbrella gave her heart away and was thanked by the user of the umbrella with some M&M’s.  KJ never expected to be thanked in that fashion but she was so moved by this that she posted it on Facebook.  And that got me thinking… (truthfully, I am never NOT thinking)…could KJ have let PC just walk by and not even notice that she did not have an umbrella?  Sure, she could have!!!  But she didn’t!  She took a step and offered her heart through an umbrella and PC returned the love she felt through candy.  Sounds like an awesome day to me.  But that is just one small moment in time that could have never been.  It could have never existed and instead that encounter will leave an impression on both of them for a long time.  They will never forget it or each other.  Years down the road, they may forget each other’s names or the date, but they will never forget that moment and the way it made each of them feel.  (I swear, I must be PMS’ing because this week has all been about feelings.)  When you give of yourself to another person unconditionally, it is always returned to you in a way you never imagined.  You can feel the warmth of love actually as it fills your body.  I feel it now just thinking about it.  Your heart becomes full and you understand how much that small gesture made someone else’s day that much better.  Maybe they don’t even know it was you…but YOU know.  And sometimes, they recognize your handwriting — even when you write with your left hand, trying to be sneaky.  My day is always better when my sisters call and they always make my day better.  My day is better is I get a hug from a friend.  My day is better when my husband thinks about me while we are at work.  What makes your day better?  What can you do to make other’s days better?  Wishing someone a “Go0d Morning!’ accompanied with a smile is a good start.  Holding the door for someone who has too much to carry costs you nothing.  Waiting for children to cross the street on their way to school instead of rushing off shows them patience that will come in handy later.  Let someone go in front of you at the grocery store.  The possibilities are endless and create no cost for you, other than you have to care more about someone else than you do about yourself.  Is it worth it?  Is the feedback you receive something that lives long after the moment has passed?  Do those moments stir up something in others that see your random act of kindness and they are in turn inspired to “pay it forward?”  So my challenge to you is to make someone’s day TODAY!!  I realize that we are not going to be doing anything as special as the Olympics, but maybe there is still something special about those moments when you make someone smile. What’s your   “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston 

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