Life is better when it is random

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It had been some time since I had plugged into my IPod tonight as I was making something for a potluck to take to work tomorrow, and as I scrolled through the menu I selected “shuffle” as I normally do.  And as random songs came through the earphones with different moods set to them (from the 70’s and 80’s to songs from Broadway musicals to Christian to holiday tunes), I began to think about my anticipation for what song would surprise me next.  Sometimes, I have to be in a certain mood to want to hear certain songs.  For example, if I need to wake up or just want to sing loud in the car, then those choices will be different if I need to remember about my past.  But I wasn’t afraid of what song would come next — I actually looked forward to the surprise.  Life should be like that — not something to be feared but something to be excited about.  I used to plan life and as hard as I tried and as successful as I was, I missed out on one important task…I did not LIVE life.   I was too busy trying to pick the next song instead of just letting it play.  Are you ever like that?   Have you thought about how you wanted a certain situation to work out and then when you got into it, it turned out to be nothing like you thought?  You practiced in your head and thought that you had all your bases covered, but you were wrong.  Why do we do that?  Because it is a control thing…we think that it will go according to plan.  In case you haven’t noticed, life is not like that.  Far from it.  Are you the careful cautious girl or the ever hesitant man?  Are you willing to admit it?  Some of us aren’t ready, but when you are, you know when you are. You actively CHOOSE to be open to the journey and learn to embrace it, living with no expectations and no promises.  Free will become your best friend, travelling alongside you when you let life happen.  You are no longer a victim of the suffocation that had held you at bay for so long.  You begin to appreciate even the smallest of things, no matter how insignificant to anyone else, and truly love your life.  You have created so much of it to look a certain way but I will bet that even your wildest dreams could never create what you see before you.  Our lives are better left to chance, even when bad things happen.  You don’t have or can’t know all the answers — no one can and that makes playing field even.  We are all here together.  Let’s see what we do with it and smile along the way as little miracles remind us of “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

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