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Do you remember what it was like to be young and believe that all of life was good?  That your believing in something so much made it real to you?  If you said, “No” to this question, then you would have to say that you never believed in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, or even Santa Claus.  The innocence of childhood is what we have lost by being forced to gripping the “real world”.  I remember going through my “I love Teddy Bear” stage, loving Boo Berry cereal, and riding my Big wheel up and down the street where I grew up. What did you love growing up?  Can you hear a song or see something that takes you back to your younger years?  We can always find something.  But the “real world” is complicated and unfair, so who wants to live there?  Why not create something that doesn’t exist?  Well, going back to the innocence lost in those beliefs is where we have lost our souls and we need to get back to the basics to find them.  We have forgotten what it feels like to be free — I mean, totally free.  Have you ever felt that way?  Believe it or not, I have and I didn’t even notice it.  I was so caught up in the moment that only in looking back did I realize what it felt like to let my soul speak through me.  Yesterday was such a day.  And for about an hour, my soul lived on the outside of my body.  Yes, my moxie was showing and I LOVED every single minute.  Someone that has known for me years had never seen me in “Homme mode” and from what she told me afterwards, she loved seeing a side to me that she had never seen before.  Getting back to the basics brings a sense of calm and peace that we yearn for and need to have in our lives.  But the business of life prevents us from doing just that.  So, how do we fix that?  We remember who we are, and what we believe.  Ever skipped down the street, holding hands with your best friend as you sing your favorite song, smiling and laughing the entire time?   Ever laughed so hard that you cry?  Ever shared your dream with a stranger?   That’s freedom.  That’s PURE joy.  Ever seen pure joy?  But what do you believe?  We can choose to believe what we feel is  real or not.  We need to admit that the moments that mean the most are the ones where we connected with another human being that it has  It is easier to pretend that no one else thinks the way we think, but if we would just admit that we are all in the same boat together, then great things happen.  It creates a want to  refocus energies and commits us to the basic fundamentals that include endless possibility, living in our dreams, and loving fearlessly.  Life is complicated enough…let’s not make it worse.  Let’s make it simple.  What you believe has never left you.  It is still there, waiting to be rediscovered and become your foundation once again.  Get back to the basics by living life “All in” by Lifehouse

Michelle A. Homme 2013 ©

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