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This journey actually started on January 4, 2010. It continues today. It started with a casual lunch with a friend where we both decided we have come to that point in our lives where we are questioning our purpose. We have arrived at the same stop, but took very different roads to get here. After this lunch, I began to have inspirational thoughts come to me that I have never had before. For example, “Unknown dreams will show themselves in ways you and I have never imagined.” “Dreams we never knew we had or never shared with anyone will serve those we were meant to serve.” At the end of 2009, I finished reading a book about how to find my “authentic self”, whatever that meant. I really picked it up, not because I was searching for those answers, but more because I was bored and didn’t have another book to read. Yet, I was open and very honest with my friend and began to feel empowered and overjoyed. But I could not explain why as I called my sisters that weekend. They kept asking me, “What happened?” I told them nothing happened. I am amazed at the reaction I get from others that I share this story with. I am even shocked that I decided to start this blog. I take a spiral notebook with me everywhere I go, just in case something comes to me and I need to write it down. I need to carry a mini-recorder with me as well when I am thinking while I am driving.
I am not sure what I hope anyone gains from me updating this blog. I am confident people will gather different things from it. Maybe it is just a way for me to share things with others that may be having the same questions I am having. Best wishes always.
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