Internal strength

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I am amazed at people’s inner strength.  In the last week, death has come to people who I know and am reminded of just how precious life is and the people we choose to share it with every day.  Where do we find strength?  Do others inspire us to keep going and never give up?  I saw desperation this week in a young man’s eyes and hope he continues to not let others’ opinions and criticisms of him determine where he think he is destined to be.  He needs to find his strength, but not for anyone else.  He needs to come to the realization that although things are tough now, that they will not always be this way.  We all need people around us that give us the courage to press on and stay ahead of the game.  To be so determined in our quest to keep going and find that one bit that carries you to new heights.  Where do you find your strength?  Is there a constant in your life that you always have with you that regardless of what you are surrounded with, that you cannot be moved from your center?  I know I do and those things will always give me inner strength.  ALWAYS.  Never give up.  Find those things that give you strength – you never know how strong you are until you are faced with adversity.  Do not look to others to always be there – sometimes you have to do it on your own.  Sometimes that is all there is…you.

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