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As is typical, I can’t sleep.  So instead, I began to imagine a world of possibility that you can wake up to this morning.  A few years ago, I remember telling someone that I did not have the ability to change the world because that task seemed too big for little me to do anything significant.  Then, I decided to start smaller…much smaller.  I decided changing the world had to start with changing me.  Well, that seemed doable.  I told myself that I was fully capable of changing me, so I did.  And I continue to change me.  Every day.  Some days are easier that others, and sometimes I need people to remind me that I need to not just believe in what I say to others, but I need to truly believe it about myself as well.  I am still working on that one…changing the world seems easier.  But what would happen to you or your piece of the world if you could imagine anything is possible?  Would you believe it?  Would you need someone to pinch you just to remind you that this is real?  (Yes, I do need this, especially lately.)  Have you ever looked at your life and wondered what you could do to make it different?  To make it better?  And if you have and have done nothing to change anything, why do you expect anything to change?  Do you remember that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it”?  I have had to tell myself that for a few weeks now, but what is real and possible seems so far-fetched that it cannot be imagined.  And yet, I know it is real.  It is no longer a dream.  What does your world look like?  Have you been inspired to be great yet?  Do you stop and wonder, “What have I done with my life?”  Once you have imagined a different world, have you decided to take part in making a difference in that world?  In others’ lives?  I forget that I impact others in ways I never imagined and when someone tells me that they feel ” a kind of energy” when they are around me and read what is written here, my world is no longer imaginary.  It becomes very real.  Very real.  The first step is always wanting something different, but that is the easy part.  There are going to be times when you are constantly changing and you may not think you can keep up anymore — the pace is too fast.  But you will find a way to take your strides as you move through your world and you will change it every step of the way.  Even with baby steps.  Don’t be afraid…I will be right there, right beside you.  Stop making excuses.  They are cheap and every one has one.  Be that one person that changes lives, beginning with your own and then just watch the magic happen.  Imagine what can do for the world…but it starts with YOU!!

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