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How many times have we wondered if we were capable of more?  Or do we just settle in, hoping no one would pay attention to us?  Have we spent our entire lives, playing the wallflower part, standing off the to side as we let others take the stage?  It’s like watching people jump rope and you stand there — waiting for your timing to be JUST perfect — before you jump in.  But if your timing is off, what happens?  You stop the momentum that others have built up and then everyone will have to start again…because of you.  The people holding the jump ropes are not going to wait until you are ready before they go again.  They are going to pick right back up where they left off.  Are you waiting for someone to turn on the light so that others can see you?  Guess what?  You can’t wait.  There are no words that will allow you to stall for another moment.  It starts today!  You know why?  Because YOU GOT THIS!!!  As I shared coffee with a new friend this weekend, we both wondered why our self-confidence plummets at around age 9 and we both wished it never happened because once it dives, it is really difficult to recover from that.  Coincidentally enough, we are both ready to tackle that every day with the people we meet and know.  When I was younger, I remember believing anything was possible and that I could never fail in such a big fashion that I would stop listening to my heart.  But it happens to all of us.  Are you afraid to step into life?  The hesitation you feel is natural and ok because we all feel it.  Some of us let it control us and others control it.  It is a choice you have to make.  It does not happen on its own and it won’t come because someone else did something for you.  YOU have to decide that you want something more than what you now have.  Stop thinking about what could go wrong and believe in all that can go right.  Know that even if you stumble a little, you will learn something and grow and that makes you better than you were before. Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be yours.  Go get it!  In life, we get once chance at doing it right and I know that YOU’VE GOT THIS!!

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