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I sigh, but not in disgust or in frustration. I let the air escape from my lungs in acceptance. Humbling accepting the compliments that have visited my life in such a few shorts days. I still almost find it difficult, but by my being me, it actually is very easy. It can be difficult for us to see AND accept what others see in us. Do you do that well? I don’t but am working at getting better at it. Last night, we had another G.I.F.T meeting and I will post a quick summary soon. Some new faces and some that had come previously. Two ladies said that they feel inspired when they read what I write here. Amongst their crazy lives with the ups and downs, twists and turns on their rollercoaster ride, they find something in my blog that tells them to just stay the course. Later, I received a text from SM (love you!) that said that this meeting has her thinking and asking herself questions she maybe was afraid (to get wrong) to answer. And looking through some postings on Facebook, she also posts about how we should accept compliments, because not doing so with grace takes away the gift of giving it. Then, I was totally blown away today. Let’s just say I was speechless. Yes, yes, I know. It does happen. I was visiting with a co-worker who I do not know very well and she asks my opinion about something she is thinking about doing in the next couple of months that will be different for her. Then she tells me that she says to herself, “If I could only be one-third of her.” I am not sure who she is speaking about, but TM tells me that I am the “her” she is referring to when she says that. WOW! I am not sure what third she wants to be like, because sometimes I am not sure I like all of the thirds of me. But, I didn’t know what to say, and I wasn’t sure specifically talking about, and tried to accept the compliment. Then, I told her about the blog and the G.I.F.T. and how I got started. She sounded very excited as I gave her a hug and went on my daily tasks. Someone else told me that I should not be surprised by these words because “I’m amazing.” DOUBLE WOW! I think it is almost impossible to fully comprehend and understand the magnitude of the effect we have on each other. How something we say inspires someone to do something different. How an action we take encourages someone to stand in front of a group of 5-year-old ice skaters and takes lessons as a teenager. I posted a few months ago about how “IT MATTERS” and I am not trying to repeat myself here. Last night and today, I received genuine compliments that I will never forget. Because I have left them with something that they will never forget. Thank you all.

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