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Are you ready for this??? Maybe I am. Just kidding. I am ready. This week has been spectacular, in so many ways. I got to learn more about what first responders do on a day-to-day basis and am volunteering for an exercise this coming weekend. I also visited with another contact about what my vision is and I agreed to send her more information on what I am doing for my future. I did that this morning. We will see where that leads, but she sounded very excited. I also have spent some money (NOT A LOT, HONEY!) on pursuing this passion of mine and am totally amazed by my friend’s willingness to help me; plus she has a great imagination. I have two others steps I need to complete before I can move forward, but so far so good. This is taking more time that I expected, but if I want my life to be different, then I have to be willing to choose different things and put the time in as well. I am accomplishing just that. Sometimes, I am choosing things that I never even thought about, but am willing to say I tried it. At least once. Rock wants something different and is doing that by coming over more to run with me in the mornings. We did about 34 miles over 6 days last week. We are taking more steps than we thought we would. What steps have you taken to change your life? Do you talk a lot and don’t take any action? I read recently a question in a book I finished recently, and I think it applies to everything we want to change to be different. The question was, “What would you do if you were not afraid?” Fear stops us from pursuing so many things. Can you answer that question? How did that make you feel when you said it out loud? Even today, I told Rock that she needed to take one step (not a huge step) when it comes to tackling one of her fears. She said she would take baby steps, the ones where you technically move forward, but hardly enough for anyone to notice. I am not afraid. Maybe that alone should scare me – or maybe it should scare my husband. We won’t tell him; although he is finding out more. When we are young, we have no fear and try to walk even when our parents know we are not ready to, but we try and fall. But we get up and keep trying and eventually we succeed. Then, as we get older, we really learn what it is like to be afraid even though it usually is not related to an incident, or anything traumatic. We learn self-doubt. Imagine what we could do if we never were afraid (or at least, put it aside) when we did something new?! Don’t be afraid – take huge steps and move forward, everyday.

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