Being tested…

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Ok…a minor speed bump has developed as I pursue my passion. Maybe not even a speed bump, but I fear it will be there. There is also a possible detour along the same route. None of this is set in stone yet, but some fear has settled where it does not belong. I need it to go away. After lunch, I got really upset and wasn’t sure that I would have the courage to go over that speed bump. But, that became a minor issue when I saw the possible detour that will really be a bigger test. It will challenge me to put all of my faith into my dream. Last week, Rocky asked me what I would do if the detour showed up and asked what decision would I choose if I had to. It was easy to say that I would take the detour, of course, not really thinking that it would really present itself, possibly even so quickly. Actually, as I swallowed hard, I know what I would have to do. I cannot go back and cannot be stifled into standing still. Therefore, I have but one choice. I must go forward. I have to be willing to follow the same advice I give to others if I am going to continue to change my life. Expecting that this would be easy would have been irresponsible of me and not realistic. I am unable to study for this test, and yet it will be here shortly. I have to take care of the speed bump first. I am at a standstill if I do not. I KNOW what I have to do. I just don’t want to. Have you ever been in a situation like this? Maybe you have to tell a kid who tried out for your team that he didn’t make the cut. Maybe it was telling your son or daughter than a loved one passed away. I understand that being tested is just part of life. I recall a conversation I had with our older son just a few days ago about how these types of situations are there for their own purpose – to find out if you are going to man up or quit. He wants to know how serious you are about what He has in store for you. That is all this is….otherwise known as a test. Stay tuned for further updates.

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