How will life surprise you today?

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Well? Do you have an answer? Maybe you should ask yourself this question every morning, but maybe it is not just a question for you. Maybe I need to ask myself this question every morning also. Since I love surprises, that word alone makes it just more exciting to see where life’s going to take me in the hours I have been given. A chance meeting could change your life forever if you see the right person, at the right time and make an impact so great, the outcome will be too impossible to imagine. Can you do that? Can I do that? I shared recently about how KR started her day like any other day, but then things started to happen and they were strung together by mere coincidence (or was it?) as her day progressed. Do you think she asked herself that question that day? Probably not. Will she from now on? My surprises come from many directions and not from ones that I might have seen coming either. They come from people who I have not seen in some time, but somehow we cross paths at the gas station. Why was it important that I see “so-and-so” just now? What am I supposed to learn from that? I thought I had it all figured out. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. I even thought I could figure it out if I hadn’t yet. There was still hope for me to solve the puzzle. But I have to admit that this puzzle is not one to solve, but one to let play out. I am not the mastermind behind it. Most of us really only like the “good” surprises, but might wish to pass on anything less. But remember, that life is like that…it ebbs and flows likes the waves falling on a beach. So, again I ask you…how will life surprise you today?

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