How do you keep from being discouraged?

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I think I am in the middle of a big test right now. Lots of things are coming my way, all at once and I am handling them. But don’t you ever notice that it always seems that way? I know things happen in three’s, so I guess when one thing happens, we need to be ready for at least two more things that are going to show up sooner or later. Some of you may be asking yourselves, “Why is she posting this? This is supposed to inspire me, not bring me down.” I guess, my thought was that we have to address life as it truly is, not as we always wish it would be. We have to have bad days so we can appreciate the good ones. We need to see struggle so that we know what it looks like not to. We ALL have moments when we wonder if it is worth it and when we want to give up. That would be the easy way. I don’t think easy is in my vocabulary any more, but it shows up from time to time. This morning, I took easy. I did not get up to walk/run even though I did get up at 4:30am as usual, but then I went back to bed. My mom would say, “Keep on truckin” and I think that might have been a phrase she used “back in the day”. Not sure what “day” that was, but maybe glad I was not around to see that. Maybe glad to not see other days as well…just saying. When days come like this, we have really one choice and one choice only. Admit that we are here and feeling what we feel because dismissing that is worse. Then, we address whatever it is that is in front of us right now and get through it. Even if it means we stumble and stub our big toe in the process. Yes, that hurts. We get our balance once again and carry about our business. We move ahead…maybe a little more weary and unsure, but we take our steps. We all get discouraged at times. The difference is what we do after that makes the difference.

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