When life changes you

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We get comfortable in our lives and settle into what we know. We like familiarity and being close to home. We are sailing smoothly and just riding the water, with no real danger or obstacle in our way. That does not usually last for long. But life changes, and therefore, so do you. I am constantly amazed at how different I am from one day to the next. Sometimes, it might be something big or substantial and other times, no one notices. I usually prefer that one. Life has changed me as I have allowed it to come to me. It does that every day. I made a couple of people very happy today and I loved every minute of it. I wish every day was like that. I helped a couple get to a doctor appointment with their newborn and I took Rock one of her favorite things for lunch. It is always a treat to surprise her and I love to see her smile. I always joke that I need to be “less nice”, but I was told that it might be impossible for me to accomplish that. Yeah. But when you get to a point when are very excited about life everyday, then you are changed. I have received several nice comments from some wonderful women regarding the G.I.F.T. after this week’s meeting and perhaps something I said or just the idea of the group itself changed some of their lives. I am not sure. But, we still try. Life has come to me in many different ways and I am not even sure that I could even tell you how. So many amazing people have become such great supporters as I chase my dream. My slim is there through anything and everything and I always look forward to seeing her and treasure every moment we are together. My husband is supportive, although not always completely understanding, of what I write and what this all means to me. Even my sons encourage me when new ideas come my way. I am better every day and give more of myself to those I love. I give more of myself even to those that I don’t know and I will never meet. I am more grateful everyday to the chance to really live as I might have missed it. Has life changed you? Why? Why not? Have you given more of yourself to others? Life was not something that I treasured or appreciated. It was there. So was I. That was it, end of story. Not so much anymore. Now, I have so much to live for…because I am changed.

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