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No, I don’t mean for you to leave. I just mean that we all get lost from time to time. We all get off the tracks…we all get knocked down…we all get unexpected turns that leave us wondering what to do next. “Follow your heart and you will never get lost” is a plaque that LR gave to me for my birthday and it greets me every day I walk into my office. I looked at that plaque more today than I have since I first put it there on my bookshelf some five months ago. It reminded me of everything I ever need to know and to always let my heart lead me. If I fail to do so, then I get lost and forget where I am and where I need to be. I know we all do it, and my usual time at being lost is about 3 days. Just sayin. In those three days, my perspective and attitude change, but not usually because of something someone has said to me to get me “right” again. It is something that almost happens by itself, and because it comes to me when it does, I trust it. Completely. No one likes the feeling of not being sure what direction we are headed and most of us may use our GPS to assist us. I have talked about our internal GPS – our compass – that guides is out of harms way and trouble and allows us to continue on our path, even with a small detour. Getting lost can be a good thing because it forces us to see things that we may have overlooked or might not have seen all together. My head never would have been my hero in saving me or allowing me to find my way back “home”. I always…ALWAYS…have to let me heart lead me there. There is no other way. Just accept that you will get lost and know that getting lost means that you can find your way back, too.

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