Fear will never stop you from doing something you believe in

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Fear will try to stop us…it will have a grip so tight it might seem impossible to move.

We succumb to its power as we forget our own.

With that negative energy, we accomplish nothing.

Ever had a challenge look so big, you didn’t see a way around it?

Fear keeps you running around it.

It whispers, “You can’t do this.”

So you believe it is telling you the truth.

And you run.

You run away every time.

Pushing away fear is not easy.

Many of us will live with it for years.

Fear strangles our dreams and holds our wishes for ransom.

The shadows become safe and our prison walls become our home.

Living afraid is not living…it is merely existing.

Tip toeing around things that might go wrong and waiting for our worst nightmares to come true.

The nastiness found in a single fear prevent us from everything we want.

From everything we need.

Then, one day something is different

Whether it be a choice you made at the crack of dawn or some small gesture others hardly noticed.

But you can tell that your world is no longer the same as it once was.

At first, it might seem scary and unfamiliar.

The life you have lived to this point seems so distant.

Maybe you wonder what happened and how you got to this point…

Maybe you wonder if anyone will even notice.

And then it happens…

You realize fear is no longer “running the show.”

Something new is choosing how you live your life.

One thing can defeat our fear…

It is not easy to find but very recognizable when we do.

However difficult to discover, it is easily harnessed.

Tethering yourself to it becomes your truth.

In it, you notice an immediate difference.

Something fortified by an impenetrable power.

A belief so strong it does not waver, no matter the odds.

Never seen — only felt.

Some bursts are short-lived

As I look back on my younger years, I recall moments when I could not allow fear to guide me.

When I took whatever was in front of me and headed straight into the storm.

When fear just wasn’t “an option.”

Ever had a challenge look so big, you didn’t see a way around it?

Me too.

Life brings us moments of courage and strength we didn’t ask for.

When life reminds us what it means to be human.

When we must choose between doing what is right and what is easy.

Up to this point, fear has chosen the easy road.

With spurts of a grit that doesn’t need an explanation, we dismiss it quickly.

Using what we must, we quickly move back into our normal “groove.”

Believing is more

Believing is not something that can just be whisked away.

Its holds on you is strong.

It is found in your steely gaze and pursed lips.

In the fierceness and tenacity of your words and actions.

Whether be seeking challenges on your own or tackling them head on when they come, you are able to feel this inner power.

Your muscles are tense and your mind is sharp.

No longer afraid of being seen for doing what everyone else wishes they had the guts to do.

Before fear can creep into even the smallest of cracks, you dig deep…

Into the very heart and soul of who you are…

Where good and kindness are born from…

Where the mind and heart work as one.

A simple belief carries such power…such force, it is impossible to ignore.

Its momentum is found in its strength…in the immovable determination not found elsewhere.

You resolve to never let fear design your life.

Committing to a life of vigor and resilience, you show the world everything you are — and they devour your words of integrity and your actions of character, hoping they can be brave like you.

Wishing their fears would disappear…and

When others question its origin, you simply smile and say, “I’ve had it with me all along.”

I just needed to believe…

Michelle A. Homme 2017 ©







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