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Do you believe in fate? That you have a destiny that was already preset for you? Sometimes, things happen to us and we are not sure that “fate” had anything to do with it. But how can some other things explained? They cannot. Do we choose fate or does fate choose us? Is fate something we prepare for or rarely does it come when we expect it? As I have said before, I believe things happen for a reason. People come into (and out of) our lives once their purpose has been fulfilled. Events (good and bad) occur to teach us something…to make us mindful of something. Places can be memories of beauty lost and beauty gained. Do you know your fate? What happens when fate knocks on your door? Do you answer it? Do you say “yes” to things that you might not want to? How do you know which ones to say “yes” or “no” to? What happens if you say “yes” or “no” to the wrong ones? If you keep saying, “no” to something, will it keep showing up until you say “yes”? I do not have any of these answers, but I was just thinking and thought you might need something to think about too.

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