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For many years, I didn’t know who I was.  Since I was younger, I knew who I didn’t want to be, but that didn’t help me much.  So I searched around doing what I loved to do, taking care of myself, and constantly searching for something I did not even know I needed to find.  And then, my life changed forever.  Things we good before, but things are so much better now.  Absolutely great people came into my life when I needed them to and believed in me more than anyone ever before them.  The concept of it all had me asking questions, wondering what happens next, and trying to get over any fear I had.  It felt like I was in some sort of natural disaster that I could not remove myself from and yet I didn’t want it to end either.  How is that possible?  Who wants to be surrounded by chaos and uncertainty who has spent their entire life trying to avoid that same chaos and uncertainty?  I existed.  I did what needed to get done and thought I was doing a pretty good job, too.  Finally, I had the courage to admit that I needed to let my true self be seen and I fell in love with who I am.  My life is overflowing with the joy, courage, excitement, and hope that I never had before.  Who are you?  Your circumstances do not dictate who you are.  Life is not going to be easy on some of us because it was more difficult than it was for others.  Let people find out who you are.  The raging dreamer in you will find a way to get out, so don’t fight it.  You will have to succumb to it eventually and acknowledge its existence.  It cannot be denied.  You are not defined by what you do or where you come from.  You cannot be described by your experiences because no one but you has had those experiences.  You are unique.  Throw your arms open wide and be free with who you truly are…and who better than to fall in love with than yourself.

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