Faith, Hope, and Love

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Amongst the chaos of every day life with turmoil, uncertainty, and stress, somehow we have to hold on to what we always have with us…with faith, hope, and love.  I have admired courage and strength from afar and it has brought me to my knees when I am unsure how I would handle the same situations.  People that I care about are in different places than I am and yet I feel such compassion for situations that I cannot change and so I feel helpless.  One of my favorite quotes is, “No one wishes they had done less.  They always wish they had done more.”  Has that ever happened to you?  Where you aren’t sure what to say so you fumble through words that sound ok in your head but when they actually are heard, they sound kind of like, “duh”?  Saying nothing and just being there says a lot.  Sometimes, it says enough.  It may even say all there is to say.  In those times when I find myself looking around, wondering what I am going to do next, I search and find the three things that somehow seem to get me through to the next day.  Faith is always with me and my cross reminds me to trust what I cannot see…what I cannot touch…what I just have to believe.  I may not understand everything, but I believe that there is a plan for each of us and we should follow it, if only on faith.  Faith is always there to cement my understanding that there is more than I think there is in this world.  We can never have too much hope — sometimes it is the only thing that gets us from one situation to the next, hoping the next one is better than the one we just left.  Looking for something better and believing that it will be that way is hope.  Where do you find hope?  It is hard to find in a world where the tasks at hand seem much too big for the ones working to make the world better.  I give away too much when I love, but I wasn’t always that way.  I held my cards pretty close to me and still do, but I certainly give more hugs and smile and love others, even from great distances.  I care when others don’t and give when others can’t.  My heart is full, even when it is broken.  When I am confused and feel like the world is spinning around me…I have to focus on these three things…faith, hope and love.  Once I do, I know that I am centered and that things will be ok.  Even if I cannot see or touch any of them.  I have to believe in them and the love that comes with each one as their purpose for guiding me never waivers, even when I am on the brink of doing just that.  Know who you are and never lose sight of what compass you follow.  They all have moments where they fade into our lives when we seem to need them the most.  Staying true to your course will never be wrong, but will take you places you never dreamed of going.

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