Who we grow into

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Many parts of my past remain and will never leave me.  They are the sums of the experiences and people that have come into and out of of my life.  Some people did not stay for long and others have found a special key to open my heart and will always be a part of who I am.  Places I have been and feelings that I have felt have shaped me as well and there are some things that cannot change, regardless of how hard I try.  As life brings me to new places, with new people, along with new experiences, I am forced to allow new feelings to come to the surface.  Some of them are not something that I am very comfortable with and others are things I have longed for, but have been afraid to allow myself to actually have.  Yet, I have grown into who you see before you now…strong yet vulnerable; patient yet always on the go; accepting of who I am yet wanting to be more of who I am not.  The list could go on, but this is who I have grown into after you add it all up.  Who have you grown into?  You may be thinking that you don’t have a choice in the matter, but you do.  You still can pick who you keep in your life and what choices you make from here on out.  Nothing is destined yet and you still can choose something we have in front of us…the rest of our lives.  Growth comes with change — it is inevitable.  Sometimes we are even sure what we can accomplish until the requirement of success overcome any chance of failing.  There is still so much in front of us that the small indication that we might have a way to see something different can simply overcome us.  We realize that being who we are is all that we can be.  There is no simpler choice, but can be the most difficult to accept.  This is who you are…this is who you have grown into be. 

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