Everything is about to change

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Can you feel it?  The excitement of newness and change invigorates me soul like my morning walk does and it becomes something that not only awakens my mind but sets me free all at the same time.  Something that began as a fluke because it fit my schedule seems like it wouldn’t fit anywhere else.  Not because I can’t make time (I can ALWAYS make time), but because it just wouldn’t belong.  This pre-dawn ritual excites me about whatever the day may bring and I look forward to the early morning sunrise that I forget about from time to time.  As my pace keeps in step with my music and I am transported back to a different time, I realize that I cannot live there anymore.  I need something to change and I am the one who can do it.  How many times have you wished (even secretly) for something to be different?  What have you wanted to try to never did?  Who have you wanted to reach out to but couldn’t bring yourself to find the courage (even 20 seconds) to say hello?  Why don’t you challenge yourself?  There are always going to be events we wish we could live over, but living in the past keeps us exactly where we are now.  Lost.  There is no way to return to what was and making a move to change something can be terrifying.  It can paralyze you into a state of non-being.  You don’t know how to change, so you don’t.  I don’t want to hear that “it’s hard” or some other excuse you grant yourself as a reason not to.  Too many people have wanted something different — even said to other people — it will be different and that is as far as it goes.  Wishing it doesn’t make it happen.  Even talking about it doesn’t make it happen.  Only in the doing do things happen.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking it will be easy.  It won’t.  I would never tell you that it can’t be done.  We don’t know what can or cannot be done.  And even that is up for interpretation.  Spring time is the perfect time to begin something new.  To try.  To get off your lazy ____ and do it.  Changing one thing can change every thing.  Take one step.  Then take 10 more.  How do you know how different your life can be if everything is the same?  Guess what?  Nothing will change.  Some people are perfectly okay with living their daily routine.  They find comfort in the ritual.  I cannot live like that.  Maybe you can’t either.  Our lives are different every day, if we only choose to live that way.  I have heard too many great stories that never come to fruition because the person telling the story didn’t trust it enough or shied away from all the possibility that could happen.  When I am on my walk, listening to music, that is my “pre-game ritual” as I prepare for my big game.  This is how I get ready for life and what has yet to happen.  I become so focused that I cannot be distracted by the risk of failure or the voices of others.  Everything is about to change.  It is about time we “Move” by MercyMe

Michelle A. Homme 2014 ©

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