Dog-leg left

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I am not sure why I was thinking about golf today this morning on my walk. I mean…I am not a golfer, although my husband and two of my sons are and our third son golfs like I do, not well. But you don’t have to know about the game of golf to relate to its message and the things we can learn from it. We shots are taking out our biggest club — the Big Dog — and showing everyone our game. What we can do when we shine. Everyone walks up to the tee box with the thought that they are going to make it, but sometimes we hit the dirt before our club hits the ball and we flub it. We ask for a Mulligan, but know we don’t get those in life. But, even if we don’t hit the ball right off the tee box, we get another shot. As we approach our ball in the fairway, we get another chance to recover our worse-than-average tee shot with a swing of one of our hybrids or an iron. We line up our with our intended target, through some trees, trying to avoid the bunkers we really can’t see, but know are there. Then, we look at our score card, we realize there is a dog-leg to the left. The end result is just around the corner, and we try to see the goal – the white flag on the end of the stick that is stuck in a hole some 200 plus yards still away. So, what do we do? We take another hack at it. We take another big swing at it. The dog-leg represents what we cannot see around the corner. Maybe we see just what we can between the leaves and branches and around the bushes. There are surprises just around the corner. So, we gently make our approach shot, with our goal in sight. Just because we can see it, it doesn’t mean we will succeed at getting our little ball, our little contributions to this world, in the hole. Chances are, we are going to miss. But we get closer, and closer, and closer. Finally, we succeed. We hit our mark. We have accomplished what we sought and then we realize we are not on the 18th hole. We have several more opportunities to hit our mark again. We have many chances at life to flub a shot, to excel, to do the best we can with what we have right now. Don’t be afraid about what is around the corner with the dog-leg to your left…it will be ok. For what you reach for and desire will be right there waiting for you.

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