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We all do things for other people because of responsibility or obligation. This morning as I was out for my (wonderful) morning run, I was reminded of something I said to my husband just over a year ago when I got up to run for the first time without Rocky. I told him, “I cannot do it for her. I have to do it for me.” I have been blessed with some new adventures that are coming my way and regardless of what comes of it, I will be able to say, “I did it for me.” There are some circumstances where we must do something or be somewhere because it is the right thing to do or because we told someone we would. But we cannot live our lives like that all of the time. When we say “Yes” to everyone else except ourselves then we are setting ourselves up for resentment and bitterness. We have to remember to do things for ourselves also, but not in a selfish manner. People come to me to find out how I lost the weight, what diet am I on, etc. Even though they have seen my success and may feel inspired to make changes in their lives, I did not do it for that reason. I did it for me. I did not do it for my husband, family, or friends. I did it for me. I share my life with you because that is what I do, but I do it for me. I write in a journal just about every day for me. I am following my heart and listening to it for the first time ever and whatever happens, happens. I am pursuing other ways of sharing my perspective on life and what changes we all can make in it, even though we all have “baggage” and a past that goes along with it. I am doing it for me. Search your soul…dig real deep if you need to…and find one thing that you can do for you. I never thought that by changing my life I could change others as well. But it started with me “doing it for me.”

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