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Some of you may know that I have been getting up most mornings at 4:45am and jogging/walking, sometimes with a friend. Before that, I cannot tell you the last time I really committed myself to an exercise regimen. Since my boys were born, almost 20 years ago, my priorities have been elsewhere. Trying to be everything to everyone else, I put myself last on my list. No more. I have come to realize that I am no good to anyone else unless I start taking time for me. Without guilt. I know that it is hard sometimes for us women to do that. There are some mornings that it rains and I cannot get up and run and I feel like my day will not be as good as if I had run. Isn’t that interesting? I never ran in high school, and yet now I get up and run about 4-5 times a week for about 12 miles (probably more). I am more determined to continue this newly found activity as it betters my health and I am seeing results. Even my husband called me “skinny” – I know I am thinner but probably not skinny. I am continuing to push myself to go farther, even if I am not running with my friend. I cannot go back. I am reminded of Dr Kevin Elko’s comment about people will tell you what they want very easily, but won’t tell you what they are willing to get there. I told someone who I wanted to lose 20 pounds by September. I am determined to do just that. I will continue to work hard and get up early. I have not been on a scale yet, because if I do, the number may not be as low as I would want, and then I will get mad and disappointed. You all know what I am talking about. Keep working hard. Success will be yours!

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