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I was going through my purse the other day and found some loose coin at the bottom, where loose coin always settles.  How many convenience stores have a little tray with pennies to be used by the customers whose total seems to be that one penny off?  You know what I am talking about.  But I was thinking that even those little pennies and nickels add up to something.  We have a jar that we throw our “chunk change” in and when it gets to be heavy, I take it into the bank to see how much was there.  I am constantly surprised that a couple of inches of coin could add up.  Do you do that?  I have heard of people paying for their family vacations because they drop their coin in a container and cash it in at a later date.  The point of this post is to remind you that even the smallest of things add up.  Even when we think they won’t.  Sometimes, we find the most insignificant items, words, and actions actually mean more than the bigger ones.  People step up to the plate when the magnitude is great, but it is the small thoughtfulness that sometimes is what carries us through.  Randomness can be a great friend to those that never expect anything.  Thinking of others and letting them know that you were on their minds always brings a smile to my face.  Although I may not always show it or tell them, there are special people in my life that will never be chunk change.  Memories of great moments are the chunk change of our lives and we capture those moments in videos and pictures.  We take those treasures and they add up to someone’s life and we appreciate all that they have given us, regardless of the length of time they afforded us.  You may think you are just an old, dirty penny in a jar full of others like you, but maybe they see you as the shiniest piece of metal ever.  No one is chunk change, but when we do our job…live our purpose…and serve others…like the coins do…then we add up to something bigger than we could ever be alone.

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