The steps we take

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There are many ways we get to where we are going…we fly, we bike, we walk.  None is more significant than the ones we walk for ourselves.  Truly.  For no one else, but us.  “To thine ownself be true.” – William Shakespeare.  People at work walk during their breaks for many reasons, but I wonder if they really thought about each step they take and what those steps could mean in their lives that really impact them.  Even small steps can lead us into a big direction, but we have to celebrate the small steps and not expect everything to just happen overnight.  Even when those steps are backward in nature.  Even stepping to the side means we are some place different from where we were before.  In the steps we take, we learn many things…we learn perspective, we learn humility, we learn patience.  Our three sons are very different in their interests and personalities and I love every bit of uniqueness about them.  We have encouraged them in the steps they take and have shown them (hopefully) that they need to be true to what they want, not what we want for them.  As we try new things, we develop the love of some things and the “that’s not for me” about others.  But in trying new things and opening ourselves up to the new adventures before us, we can expand our appreciation for talents we will never possess ( I can’t draw a stick man), and other talents that we never knew were within us the whole time.  Even if we dabble in something that brings us minutes of joy and engulfs us in the sanctuary that it becomes, we are taking steps.  We become more forgiving, less judgemental, and know that we are some where different.  Because in taking those few baby steps, we become someone different.  Be true to yourself and the other people in your life will love who you become.    LET’S MOVE!!

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