Chase your thunder!

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How difficult is it to chase thunder?  Or when you hear it, do you really even know what direction it came from?  Isn’t some of it a mystery?  Dreams are like thunder — they are hard to track down, seem to appear out of nowhere, and can leave us baffled all at once.  We try to take cover and hide from the sound that can sneak up behind us, startle us in ways that we jump, and hope it just goes away.  Sound like someone you know?  Admitting that we have a “thunder” to chase is the most difficult thing we ever do.  Even if that admission only is something that is secretly kept from everyone else, we have to understand that part of the excitement of the thunder is in the chasing of it.  What is your dream?  Have you ever been in a situation where you are forced to tell someone what brings you joy and you transform into who you are meant to be?  I never noticed that before someone pointed it out to me.  Now, it is something that I feel and with that feeling comes such a force that it carries me into new experiences.  Dreams are meant to be pursued.  They may not appear as you pictured, but will allow you to be more than you ever imagined.  You never need to look far for your dream if you ask the right questions.  Joy and happiness are always a choice and if you find yourself not living a joyful life then maybe you need to start going after your thunder.

How do you chase your thunder?

  • Ask questions — yes, the hard ones.  Answer them honestly.  Be accountable to someone, if even to yourself.  Start with, “What brings me joy?”, “What do I LOVE?”
  • Write it down — keep a journal.  Make goals.  Be realistic.
  • Adapt — even failures will lead you to even greater successes.  Put your hands up.  Embrace the journey.
  • One step — doing something different makes everything different.  No one is truly an over-night success.  Work hard, even when you don’t see results.
  • NEVER give up — be patient.  You try every day to get better. Fall in love with the challenge.  If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Your life is constantly changing and because YOU choose how to live your life, you have to decide.  Are you ready to chase your thunder?  Go get your dream.  Track it own, hold on to it, and share it with us.  Every time I hear thunder, I know there are other dreams still out there — just waiting….

Michelle Homme  2013 ©

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