A change in the making

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One of the things that I never really understood until a few years ago was that I was becoming someone new every day.  Even before I realized this phenomenon, I didn’t really pay attention to it either.  I thought I was just getting through the days, paying no mind to not only what as going on around me, but especially what was going on within me.  Life keeps us moving at a pretty fast pace and some of us just get caught up in the vortex and can feel our head spinning, as we continue to fly out of control.  But we don’t realize that even in those moments where we feel lost and confused, we are changing.  Our perspectives change along with the our attitudes.  For a long time, I was afraid of living.  Maybe it was because I didn’t know how…how to let go of fear…how to trust…how to believe. But slowly (ever so slowly — it seems like it took me forever to get here) and gradual, things started to change.  I started to change.  As my husband and I approach our 25th anniversary this summer, I am sure that he may think to himself, “This is NOT the same woman I married 25 years ago”, but hopefully he loves how I have grown.  Have you ever wanted to change and been unsure how or afraid to do so?  Unsure if someone will approve or will doubt you in any way?  Been there too.  But this is YOUR life.  I have my own.  I cannot tell someone how to live their lives if I am unwilling to allow the same from them.   I didn’t ask to change into who I am now or who I am yet to be.  It happened.  I woke up.  We are works in progress, but it doesn’t all happen on its own.  We have to still have ownership in what we do with our lives and that is clear in the choices we make.  There are things we cannot undo but we have the ability and responsibility to do better.  Some people stay stuck in that vortex for their entire lives, never realizing that the vortex is something that doesn’t have to exist.  We can step out of it — that may mean asking for help or doing it on your own.  Once you are committed to a life of change, nothing will stop you.  I recall bits and pieces of my former self and although past experiences and people have molded those into my soul, I know that I would not be who I am today without having lived them.  They are forever a part of my story.  What does your story say about you?  Understand that we are all a “Change in the Making” by Addison Road

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