The trajectory of the choices we make

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I believe every thing happens for a reason.  EVERY thing.  Do you believe that the choices we make influences what happens next after that choice was made?  How, sometimes, seemingly insignificant moments that we have actually prepare us for what happens next?  I also believe that there are signs every where if we pay attention to them.  If something happens once, it may not mean anything at all.  But before you know it, you have a second, third or even fourth sign that occur so closely together that stringing them together to mean something more becomes impossible to dismiss.  Yes, I over think.  I have needed things to make sense to me — to understand their logic and reason — and ask questions in hopes of clarification.  This week, there have been many questions and answers that do not exist.  It has been some time since I had such a flood of inquiries that seemed to appear out of nowhere.  The questions have  come to the surface because of the signs that have also presented themselves.  Some questions are just here.  Over the last few weeks, someone told me that my positive messages inspired her to start a quest for a new job.  Have you ever made a decision — even a small one — that set your life in a different direction than you thought you were headed to begin with?  Can you pick out those people who came into your life and influenced you more than anyone else had at that point and ever wondered what happened to them or how your life would be different if you had never met them?  As we go through our days, we have choices to make every day.  Some that we will forget tomorrow.  Others that will seem so petty that no one would recall them.  Then there are the ones when you can remember where you where and the exact date.  They have become etched in your memory forever.    Even still, they mean something.  They ALL do.  The add up to make up the next choice we make or the next choice made by others.  Can one choice that I make influence the next choice that you make?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Are they tied together in some crazy way that connects them invisibly and we never actually see why those events even matter?  I believe everything matters.  I wish I knew  why every thing happens for a reason, but I also understand that I am not meant to understand.  And that is why I have the questions. I have asked for signs to come when I am unsure of what to do next and have followed them many times.  Some might consider them as answers to prayers.  I don’t always know what to do next or am fearful of being vulnerable.  I hesitate when my head starts asking questions.  But the questions go away when I listen to my heart.  When signs and simple choices are set in motion to remind me of just how the trajectory of my life changes when I welcome them.  How will your life change because of one decision you made?  Our lives are still “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield

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