Born a hero

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I always think it is interesting where my inspiration comes from.  I find it in an ad, a small line in a movie, or just about anywhere else.  I was skimming an article when I saw the title, “No one is born a hero, they are created.”  But then I started thinking that we are never born a certain way, we develop into heroes, or advocates, or bums.  We all have choices to make throughout our lives with the people we encounter and the experiences that come our way.  Most people who are given the title of “hero” never seek it.  They are humble when given that compliment, and many would deny it.  The phrase, “I did what anyone would do” probably is most heard.  But most people didn’t do it…you did.  Yesterday, a friend told me that I had inspired her to start running so she has been running a mile every night.  Very proud of you, RE!! But things that we do without thinking they could impact others the way they do, do just that…they impact others.  We all have certain qualities that make us who we are and those qualities are molded by the people we come in contact with and the adventures we live through.  Those attributes become more visible when by “you being you” and people start to follow your lead.  It takes one decision to do something “heroic”, and definitions of what is heroic may be different for everyone.  So, I ask you…can you be someone’s hero and not know it?  Could you have done something that inspired someone else in such a way that they will always look up to you for it?  Most of the time, we never know the answer to those questions.  Because not one of us is born a hero, we can all become one.  Do what you do and you just may be a hero to someone.

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